The Riviera Theatre and Performing Arts Center would not exist today without the thousands of hours of volunteer time donated by hardworking volunteers from our ushers and to the Board of Directors and everyone in between. There are a lot of areas in which we need help where you can donate your time and talents as a volunteer.

Be an Usher, Ticket Taker, Concessions Worker, Soft Confections Worker, Box Office Staff, Clerical Assistant, Cleaner, Maintenance Person, Fundraiser, Marketing & Publicity Assistant, Projectionist, or something else!

Volunteers of all ages (under 16 with parent/grandparent) are welcome at the Riviera Theatre.  Bring your family and join our family!  All the Generations work together to save the Riviera and keep it going.


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UsherConcessions (1)Ticket TakerProjection Booth
Box Office (2)Gift CounterOffice Work (2)Maintenance
Clean TheaterPublicityOrgan WorkHouse Organist (3)
Tour DocentTour RunnerFund Raising  
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1 - Popcorn, Candy, Soft Drinks, Coffee and "soft concessions"
2 - Please state any computer skills/software expertise
3 - Appointment to House Organist after completion of audition (Accomplished Musicians who wish to learn to play the Mighty WurliTzer can be directed to a House Organist for some instruction.)