Junior Board

The Riviera Theatre and Performing Arts Center is forming a Junior Board of Directors.  It is the intention of the theater’s Board of Directors to allow young adults of our communities the opportunity to grow personally and professionally while learning the value of community service.

The theater is quickly becoming a premier entertainment center for the region.  The Junior Board will have the opportunity to be a part of its expansion and they will have a voice in some of the decisions made for the future of the theater.

Student Qualifications:

  • High School Junior, Senior or College Freshmen
  • Available to attend monthly meetings
  • Willing to participate in one fundraising project per year
  • Complete this application

This opportunity is available to all qualified students wanting to learn how a Board of Directors is run.  Students who are involved in theater are welcome to apply, but trully we are seeking a diverse board and encourage all majors to apply.  As this opportunity is open to all area HS Juniors, Seniors or College Freshmen, members will have the chance to work with members from other community schools.  Apply today!