Holiday WurliTzer Pops Organ Concert with Mark Herman

Wed Dec 4th, 2013 7:30 pm
At Riviera Theatre & Performing Arts Center
Tickets : General: $10.00, Under 18: Free
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Mark Herman was born in August of 1987 and currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He has been studying the piano since he was seven years old and began classical organ lessons at the age of twelve.  His first introduction to the theatre organ was when he was in fourth grade and was at the Embassy Theatre in downtown Fort Wayne. Over the past few years, he has played dozens of solo concerts in theatres and venues from coast to coast. He is a graduate of The Theatre School, DePaul University in Chicago where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Arts with a focus in Theatre Management in 2010.

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Sale of tickets on the premises other than by authorized box office staff is strictly prohibited. In the interest of all patrons, latecomers and any persons leaving the auditorium will not be seated until a suitable break in the program. All tickets purchased are subject to handling fees.

Most events feature one of our Staff Organists performing on The Mighty Wurlitzer a half hour prior to show time.

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