Theatre Tours

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Tour Rates

$5.00 per Student

$10.00 per Adult

Points of Interest


  • Mighty WurliTzer Organ Demo


  • Scenery and curtains, including our “Silver Screen”, hanging 50’ above the stage.
  • Two organ pipe chambers: 2,000 pipes behind the doors on each side of the stage, ranging in size from a few inches to 16 feet long.
  • Wooden pipes and theatre organ “toys” along the back wall.
  • Stage Rigging System and Fly Rail


  • Dressing Rooms
  • Blower Room: Two 1926 blowers, affectionately called Gertrude & Mildred, supply air to the organ.
  • Workshop Area
  • Boiler Room: At present, it houses the unfinished demo organ that the organ crew is hand building to put into our finished addition.
  • Elevator Room: The small motor raises and lowers the organ console as needed.


  • Projection Booth: Two 35mm carbon arc projectors, not original to the theatre, but are from 1940.
  • Our new Digital Cinema projector system, boasts crystal clear 2K image resolution plus 4,000 watts of lamp power that complies with today’s Hollywood film industry standards.


  • Demonstrator Organ; see the inner mechanics of how the theatre organ works!
  • Four wooden seats along wall; these were the 2nd set of seats. (The 1st set were wooden folding chairs.)


  • Current marquee was disassembled and shipped to Wagner Electric Sign Co. in Elyria, OH in 2013 to be restored to the original 1940’s version.
  • It was reinstalled with 2 LED display panels. The neon and chasing lights were brought back to their original patterns and vibrancy.