Tech Specs


Basic Technical Specifications

Click Here to download a PDF of the Technical Packet.


Proscenium Opening is 36′ wide, depth from the Plaster line is 28′. Additionally, there is a 4′ lip from the plaster line to the stage edge.

The Plaster line / Fire Curtain may not be blocked.

Crossover can be created at 22′ from the plaster line.

Orchestra Pit/Stage Extension:

There is a 36’x6′ orchestra pit. On the stage right 8 feet of the orchestra pit is the Historic Mighty Wurlitzer Organ Console and lift. The organ console can not / will not be moved. Nothing may be placed on the lift. (Useable pit size is reduced to about 28 feet wide).

There is a stage extension available to cover the pit. It is 20′ wide and 6′ deep. It sets off stage left of center to accommodate the organ/lift.

Stage Rigging:

There is a single purchase counterweight system with 41 linesets, roughly 6″ on center. House rigging plot is available in various formats on request.

Main Curtain (Red) and Teaser are Dead Hung, Main Curtain is motorized (8 second travel time) and operates from onstage SL, SR, Control Booth, or Projection Booth.


FOH Lighting is (12) Altman 1k6 12º 1kW fixtures located at the rear of the auditorium. There are also Box Booms House Left and Right located about half way back from the proscenium, each contain (3) Source Four 19º fixtures and (1) Source Four PAR that are used as curtain warmers. (Max 4 circuits per side.)

Overstage lighting includes four dedicated electrics. Electrics 1 and 2 use a three color high-side wash (Red, Blue, Amber), with pipe end sidelight and limited specials. Electric 3 is a three color wash (Cyan, Magenta, Amber), with limited specials and pipe ends as needed. Electric 4 is for Cyc lighting; 3 units, with 4 colors (Red, Amber, Green, Blue).  Limited deck circuits are available via spare dimmer rack circuits and portable dimmer packs.

Our two followspots are located in the Projection Booth, and are Strong Xenon Super Trouper II’s running at 2kW.

Stage lighting and house lighting is controlled via DMX and an ETC Express 96/144 console.  Additionally, there are separate house light controls throughout the venue (Onstage: SL, SR/Projection Booth, Control Booth, Lobby). House Lighting Plot and Dimmer Hookup is available in various formats upon request.

Audio & Communications:

The installed audio package was designed specifically for the theatre and is appropriate for most live events. System includes Main Speakers, Front Fill, Under Balcony Fill, Upper Balcony Fill, Up to 4 channels of Monitor Speakers, 36×8 Snake, system processor and console.  Additional details and specs for the audio system are available upon request.

There is a one-channel production intercom system available throughout the auditorium.  Primary locations include: Onstage SL & SR, Control Booth (2-3), Followspot Nests, and Projection Booth.  Additional intercom sets may be available in specific locations upon request.

Video & Projection:

HD Digital Projection is available to our Full Stage Silver Screen (+10′ from the Plaster Line), or the upstage Cyclorama.  Video can be input directly to the digital projector (HDMI, BNC, VGA, S-Video, Component), or via VGA over Ethernet in the Control Booth or onstage. We also are proud of our dual 35mm Carbon Arc Projectors that focus to the Silver Screen.



There are two power disconnects for additional power requirements located on the upstage wall, one USL, the other USR.  Both are equipped with Camlock connectors, which may be subbed out with permission from the Technical Director and/or Production Manager.  USR disconnect is 400A, USL disconnect is 200A.  In addition, there are four 20A, hard-wired quad boxes for supplemental stage power.

Dressing Rooms:

Dressing Rooms are located downstairs below the stage with access from Left or Right. There is 1 ‘Star’ Dressing Room with a capacity of up to 4 people and 2 Ensemble Rooms each with room for about 15 people.


Loading & Stage Entrance:

Is located at 68 Main Street, North Tonawanda NY 14120.  Please use this address for inputing into a GPS device for directions right to our stage and loading doors.

Please contact our Technical Director, Chuck Antolina for additional information and technical drawings.